To maintain the THYC web site, download the THYC directory and its contents fron our web site at GoDaddy. FTP information below.
You will use the information in the THYC directory to manage ALL of the THYC web and membership funtions. Read "ReadMe.html" in this directory.
     BoatUS Membership:  Expiries March 31st of every year. To renew membership call 800 395-2628. It is free.
     Yachting Club of America Membership:  We are billed by mail. Ask for 200 membership cards.
     Club Burgee:  Order from Prestige Flage, 1-800-876-5155 ext: 3404. Customer No: TOWE06.
  Also Note:
     I have a paper cutting board, heat sealer, book stapler and supplies that belong to the yacht club. Call my children to retrieve.
     Ted Corlett @708-352-7537, Nancy Nolan @ 708-280-9294, Mary Corlett @ 630-740-4519.

THYC Web Site IDs and Passwords

Internet Provider is
paid to 3/18/20

Pin # 1360
Cust. # 19603565
Login Name: tedcorlett
Password: boomkicker

Hosting Manager
Login Name: tedcorlett1
Password: boomKicker1
Web Address:

Host Name:
User ID: tedcorlett1
Password: boomKicker1

Note: If FTP does not work, on GoDaddy website click "My Account", then "Manage" on "Web Hosting",
"Manage" again and then "Upload Files".