1) You must be a THYC member to use or reserve the clubhouse for private parties. If you are not a member, please visit for an application.

2) Only one reservation can be made at a time. Another reservation can only be made after the previous reservation has expired. Please allow adequate time for a reply back on the reservation.

3) If the clubhouse is reserved, any member may still use the gas grills and deck.

4) If using the clubhouse, please make sure that you clean up after yourself.  We do not have a service that cleans the clubhouse. Tower will empty outside garbage cans but does NOT clean the grills.

5) Gas Grills are for all THYC and Tower Marina boaters to use. Tower does not clean the grills. Please turn OFF the gas and CLEAN the grills after using them.

6) If you RESERVE the clubhouse for a special occasion, please make sure you bring cleaning products to clean prior and after your event. THYC does not provide cleaning products. There is a vacuum and broom to use. Please make sure to clean after your party.

7) Quite time is 10 PM.

8) Make sure to LOCK the clubhouse door after leaving the clubhouse. Press the LOCK button in the middle of the key pad.