THYC Annual Meeting - May 24, 2015

Board members present: Gerry Allred, Harold Beer, Sam Bowen, Joe Brutsche, Ted Corlett,  Al Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair, Alan Nelson, Jill Carle, Julie Yoder

Called to order at 10:30am by Gerry Allred

Minutes from January 31, 2015 - moved to approve Ted Corlett , seconded Al Littlefair.

Treasurer’s report ~ $9000 balance after this morning’s event with encumbrances and cash received — balance as of Friday, 5/22/2015, $8337.79

Membership report - Ted Corlett - 128 including new memberships received during breakfast.

Motion to raise membership dues to $60. - 2016 - moved by Al Littlefair , seconded Alan Nelson  discussed increase to $75 annually, unanimous approval increase to $60 in 2016.

New business -

        Allow current commodore (Gerald Allred) to extend term for two more years.  moved by Al Littlefair, seconded Nancy Littlefair, unanimous approval by board.  This breaks a long-standing tradition of one two-year term.

        Ceiling fan for clubhouse discussed without decision.

        Discussion of artworks for clubhouse - ad-hoc subcommittee to visit with RJ very soon.

        Door code is for members-only - Gerry will be sending an email to members to reiterate that access code should not be shared with non-members.

        Signage for clubhouse: Clubhouse access code is subject to change - check our website for current access code.

        Sylvia Daple ( voted onto the board.

        Tower Marine donated $2125 to yacht club.

Adjourned at 11:26am by Gerry Allred.