May 25, 2014

PRESENT: Gerry Allred, Sam Bowen, Joe Brutscke, Jill Carle, Ted Corlett, Tracy Lindke, Alan Nelson, Paul Wrbanich, Lynn Weston and Julie Yoder

ABSENT:  Harold Beer, Bill Grigaliunas, Nancy Littlefair, and Alan Littlefair

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 10:36 a.m.
Introductions were made

I. Treasurer's Report
a. Joe stated that as of the April, 2014 bank statement, our account has $11,679.41.
b. There is $105.88  in petty cash. And with the deduction of [?} there is now $91.69 remaining in the petty cash.
II. Budget
The discussion of the Budget was centered around the Pancake Breakfast that took place that morning.
a. The budget for the Pancake Breakfast was $200.00. We spent $172.16 for supplies. $25.00 to the pastor who conducted the Blessing of the Fleet.
b. A handout of this year's budget was given to all those present. There were no objections to the Budget.
c. Joe also mentioned that over the past 2 years, $647.00 was collected through 50/50 drawings during our parties. This amount was collected to help with club house improvements.
d. A handout was given to those who were present for the Budget of 2014. The following dates are the remaining upcoming events and the chairperson listed in charge of each event:
1. Sat. June 21 – Summer Solstice & Appetizer Party. Chaired by: Lynn & Nancy
2. Sat. June 29th – Pancake Breakfast. Chaired by: Keith Morgan
3. Sat. July 5th – Latitudes & Attitudes Party. Chaired by: Julie
4. Sat. July 19th – Kids Crafts/Ice cream social & Movie On The Dock. Chaired by: Robyn Perry & Paul Wrbanich
5. Sat. July 26th – Venetian Festival and Poker Run. Chaired by: Toni & Sam
6. Sun. July 27th – Pancake Breakfast. Chaired by: Keith
7. Sat. August 9th – Commodore's Summer Celebration. Chaired by: Gerry
8. Sat. Sept. 20th – Chili Cook Off. Chaired by: Toni Palsgrove
9. Sat. Jan 2015 – Winter Rendezvous. Chaired by: (Open for Volunteer)
III. Membership Status
a. Joe stated that compared to last year, sign-ups and renewals are very close to April 2013, and 2012.
b. As previously stated in the Treasurer's Report, there has been $250.00 collected as of this Board Meeting.
c. Someone inquired about how membership sign-ups are going compared to last year. So far the numbers are very close compared to April of 2013 and 2012.
IV. New Business
a. THYC Burgees:
1. Ted stated that the inventory for Burgees is 6. The club charges $20.00 a piece for them currently .
2. It was discussed that quotes should be obtained to determine if we should stay with the same company or venture to another company for better pricing.
3. Ted said that he would do research regarding this issue and get back to the board members when he had some information to share.
b. THYC Directory
The directory is available online and it has saved the club a lot of money to not print them in bulk. Very few members ask for a printed directory and it changes often so there is really no need to print them anymore.
c. Passwords for the THYC Website
   Gerry mentioned that there are 2 passwords for the website
1. Password for the main information page: THYC 14 (which is also located on the back of everyone's membership card.)
2. Password for special information that is only available to board members.
d. Code for the THYC Clubhouse
Gerry asked that that this code should only be shared with anyone but Board members. The code for the door is: 851966. Once the door is open and you are finished, please turn off lights and make door is shut and locked. Thank you!
e. AED for the Clubhouse
1. Joe's wife, Laura, is checking on prices for a portable AED. It was suggested by many members that Tower should pick up the cost of the AED or most of the cost.
2. The AED needs to be checked monthly when in winter storage and a volunteer or Tower employee needs to check on it.
3. If purchased, it also will need a power pack with a trickle charge set up
4. Laura will check with Tower regarding all of these issues
f. Pepsi machine is now set up against the clubhouse and will be moved back to its original spot along the Tower office building.
g. Ted suggested that a ring buoy should be purchased for the THYC Clubhouse and mounted to a pole facing the water. It would cost approximately $100.00 to purchase. Joe approved the motion. Terry seconded the motion.
h.  Gerry mentioned that discussions were in the works with RJ to create a storage shed for Clubhouse extra storage. It would be located somewhere behind the Clubhouse. No time frame was indicated as to when this would be completed.
i. Gerry mentioned that Porta-Pottys are being looked into for the Clubhouse. These would only be open during events and when the Clubhouse is rented out. A shell would need to be built around the Porta-Pottys to help it look nice. It was suggested by Julie that a company would need to be hired to clean and maintain them. She offered to look into companies to do this once they were purchased. RJ is looking into renting or buying them. No time-frame was indicated as to when this would occur.
V. Club House Improvements
a. Gerry started to power-wash the deck. It looks awesome!
b. Lights and Speakers
1. Joe mentioned, as previously stated in regarding the budget, that there is $647.00 available for lighting and speakers for the Clubhouse. This was raised through 50/50 drawings for the past 2 years.
2. Paul will investigate pricing for a new stereo and speakers. These are needed to improve Movie Nights and for music to be played during THYC parties and rentals. It was suggested that we could even charge for the use of the stereo for rentals. Ted reminded the board that if that this is to be offered to renters, it should be added to the rental agreement.
3. Paul will send out a mass email to the THYC members asking members if they would be willing to donate a stereo or speakers for the clubhouse.
4. Paul also mentioned that the speakers have to be ones that are able to amplify and not just generate sound. They also need to be able to be attached to the projector and/or DVD player. It would also be ideal if the stereo offered a plug in for I-Pods etc.
5. Jill offered to investigate lighting for the clubhouse. Julie suggested that lighting not only be for the inside of the covered deck but also on the outside of the covered area facing the water so that people can see it when approaching the marina in the dark.
6. Lighting will also be needed to light the covered deck not only for safety, but for party lighting. Jill will look into both kinds of lighting and email pictures of her ideas to the Board.
7. It was suggested that the lighting have a timer attached to it.
8. Wiring for the lighting may be completed by Jill's husband Ralph. He is not a licensed electrician but is very skilled and can do the lighting to meet code requirements. It will be judged whether he can do this work after lighting is selected. A time-frame was not set for either project, but was suggested the lighting be completed by August 9th for the Commodore's Summer Celebration Party. And that the speaker/stereo project by completed by the Movie on the Dock Night – Sat. July 19th.
VI.  Other Issues
Ted suggested that Jill be named Corresponding Secretary. She would take notes during Board meetings and type and send to Ted for approval. All present agreed.
VII. Close
Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.