Tower Harbour Yacht Club
                                           Annual Meeting

                 May 27, 2012, 12:00 noon,  Tower Marine Clubhouse

  I. Call to order:
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon.
Directors & Officers present: Nancy Littlefair, Ted Corlett, Jim Tavarozzi, Al Littlefair, Lynn Weston, Paul Wrbanich, Julie Yoder, Susan Bunting, Gerry Allred

 II. Introduction of THYC Officers and Directors:
The officers and board members present where introduced to the THYC members present.  The complete 2012 roster can be seen at Karen Weller agreed to continuing to serve as club photographer.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting:
The minutes of the last meeting (January 28, 2012) were approved unanimously.

IV. Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer's report shows a balance of $10,926.05 as of 5/27/2012.

 V. Membership Status:
Susan Bunting reported that the club has 102 paid members for the year of 2012.
Motion to change the members eligibility date from July 1st thru June 30th to May 1st thru April 30th was made by Susan Bunting, seconded by Lynn Weston and passed unanimously

VI. Clubhouse Improvement:
Commodore Littlefair discussed some of the improvements made to the clubhouse this spring.
                  --Outside sink
                  --Shelves added to closets
                  --Painting of closets
                  --Replacement of the closet doors
                  --Keypad locks on closets and front door
                  --New TV
                  --Clubhouse electrical circuitry improvements
                  --Inside sink water drainage upgrade

VII. New Business:
    THYC Special Events
Commodore Littlefair described the upcome social events Proposed Social Events. The resulting costs of the special events plus the clubhouse improvements described above is estimated to be about $10,000 which would leave about $3,000 in the THYC bank account at the end of the year Proposed Budget. There were no objections from the members present.  
           A 50/50 raffle was proposed and agreed to but with the caveat that the raffle be for a specific improvement to the clubhouse.
    Clubhouse Rental and Security
Rosemary Brooks agreed to interface with the marina on who will have access to the clubhouse and how the clubhouse rental will be handled.

VIII. Adjournment:
A motion of adjournment was made by Paul Wrbanich at 12:40 PM, seconded by Susan Bunting with all in favor.