THYC Annual Meeting - May 30, 2016

Board members present: Gerry Allred, Steve Britton, Sam Bowen, Joe Brutsche, Ted Corlett,  Sylvia Daple, Al Littlefair,
                                      Nancy Littlefair, Alan Nelson, Jill Carle, Julie Yoder

Called to order at 10:37am by Gerry Allred

Minutes from January 23, 2016 - moved to approve Sylvia Daple, seconded Steve Britton.

Treasurer’s report   $10,000 estimated balance after this morning’s event with encumbrances and cash received.
              See report  Report 5/27/16.

Commodore handed out  2016 Schedule of Events & Budget. Brief discussion followed.

Membership report - Ted Corlett - 135 including new memberships received during breakfast.

New business:
    Clubhouse committee reported it was considering a new carpet at a cost of $2000. Discussion followed.
    Gerry Allred bought new coolers.
    Nancy Littlefair bought new decorations.
    It was suggested that an Email be sent to the membership explaining how to access the clubhouse door code.
       Ted Corlett offered to do it.
    New clubhouse decorations are being considered. An Email for approval will be sent to the board when finalized.
    Carol Britton was nominated and approved as a board member.
    Sylvia Daple made a motion that $100 be used to update the engraving on the trophies in the trophy case.
       It was anonymously approved.

Adjourned at 11:15am by Gerry Allred.