Tower Harbour Yacht Club
Board Meeting
Saturday, January 19, 2013, at  AmericInn, Douglas, MI

The meeting was called to order at 3:02 PM.

Directors & Officers present:
Nancy Littlefair, Ted Corlett, Julie Yoder, Gerry Allred, Paul Wrbanich

The Commodore, Nancy Littlefair, announced that Rosemary Brooks is retiring from the board and Treasurer, Susan Bunting, will only serve through her current term which ends May 31, 2013.

Harold Beer was nominated by the Commodore to fill the vacancy left by Rosemary Brooks. Paul Wrbanich seconded the nomination and the vote was unanimous.

A discussion followed about replacing the Treasurer whose primary duties are checking the club P.O. Box for membership applications, depositing the membership dues and mailing the applications to the Secretary for updating the website and mailing out membership cards and directories. This requires constant monitoring of the P.O. Box. It was pointed out that if the membership applications were sent directly to the Secretary and the bank was a national bank with many branches like Chase or Fifth Third, the Secretary could deposit the dues directly and inform the Treasurer of his actions. This would remove the onus of having to check the P.O. Box so often.

The Commodore announced the following chairmanships:
Al Littlefair - Membership
Barb Casey - Social
Mike Wisniewski - 50/50 Raffle

The schedule of Special Events for 2013 was passed out along with a budget. Each event was discussed and compared to last year as to costs and expected revenue. It was decided that approval of the budget would wait until the annual meeting because some events could change.

The Board adjourned at 3:57 PM.