THYC Board Meeting - Jan. 20, 2018

Present: Al Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair, Gerry Allred, Ted Corlett, Joe Brutsche, Julie Yoder,
             Denis Prisk, Gene Gottlieb

Called to order at 2:35pm

New commodore, Denis Prisk, introduced and welcomed by the board.

Matt Peterson, a Tower Marine official, led a discussion on THYC clubhouse usage.
His desire is to have the clubhouse be a hub for the whole marina, not just the yacht club.
Much discussion followed with policies to be determined in the future.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer presented his report Treasurers Report 1/20/18.
    Note: The second page of his report shows last year's budget.

Secretary's Report: Last year's membership was noted as being ~ 160.

Old Business: The needed re-shingling of the clubhouse roof was noted.

New Business:

	The 2018 Budget and Social Calender has been finalized. Budget & Social Calendar 4/18/18

	The Commodore will provide the Secretary with an introductory letter to be included with
	the renewal mailing.

Adjourned 4:00pm

Respectully submitted.
Ted Corlett, Secretary