THYC Board Meeting - Jan. 20, 2018

Present: Al Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair, Gerry Allred, Ted Corlett, Joe Brutsche, Julie Yoder,
             Denis Prisk, Gene Gottlieb

Called to order at 2:35pm

New commodore, Denis Prisk, introduced and welcomed by the board.

Matt Peterson, a Tower Marine official, led a discussion on THYC clubhouse usage.
His desire is to have the clubhouse be a hub for the whole marina, not just the yacht club.
Much discussion followed with policies to be determined in the future.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer presented his report Treasurers Report 1/20/18.
    Note: The second page of his report shows last year's budget.

Secretary's Report: Last year's membership was noted as being ~ 160.

Old Business: The needed re-shingling of the clubhouse roof was noted.

New Business:

	The 2018 Budget and Social Calender have not been finalized. They will be sent to the 
	board when completed.

	The Commodore will provide the Secretary with an introductory letter to be included with 
	the renewal mailing.

Adjourned 4:00pm

Respectully submitted.
Ted Corlett, Secretary