Tower Harbour Yacht Club
Board Meeting
Saturday, January 25, 2014, at  AmericInn, Douglas, MI

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM.

Directors & Officers present:
Nancy Littlefair, Julie Yoder, Gerry Allred, Harold Beer, Chuck Fisher,  Al Littlefair, Joe Brutsche,  Al Nelson,  Tracy Lindke

Marcia Beer, Lacie Perkins

The past Commodore, Nancy Littlefair, introduced Gerry Allred as the new commodore.

Treasurer, Joe Brutsche, gave the following report:

From May 31, 2013 to January 25,2014:  Income:  $6293.00  -  Expenses:  $9221.17

Current Assets:
Checking:    $8300.81
Petty Cash:      105.88
   Total:        $8406.69

Discussion and action took place on the following items:

Al and Nancy Littlefair will spearhead an effort to have Tower Marine include a membership form and Special Events calender in their mailings.

Venetian Festival budget line item was increased to $1250 from $500 in an effort to retain our trophy.

Secretary, Ted Corlett, requested in writing that The Order of Blue Gavel be removed from the web site because of lack of interest and that the new web site password be "thyc14". Both items were approved.

A proposed Fire Pit was discussed in regards to signage, construction, reservations and safety.

Commodore Gerry Allred will discuss with RJ the installation of restrooms by the club house.

Julie Yoder announced that Don Middlebrook will be scheduled for the July 5th social event.

The Board adjourned at 4:00 PM.