THYC Board meeting  January 31, 2015

Board members present: Gerry Allred, Sam Bowen, Joe Brutsche, Nancy Littlefair, Al Littlefair, Ted Corlett, Tracy Lindke, Harold Beer, Julie Yoder, Alan Nelson.

Member present: Marcia Beer

Called to order at 3:12p by Commodore.

Minutes for May 25, 2014 and June 29, 2014: Nancy Littlefair moved, Harold Beer seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurers report:
    2014 Income: $11,904.50
    2014 Expenses: $11,068.99
    net: +$835.51
    encumbered for 2014: bowling (~$1000) and trophies (~$110).
    Additional detail in attached report.

Membership status: 143 members
    Membership forms will go into the Tower Marina mailing, with 75 forms additional available for events.

New business:
    Moved and seconded that Commodore, Gerry Allred, change where THYC banks. Motion passed.
    Ted: board membership question - Bill Grigaliunas removed from board due to in-attendance
    Paul Wrbanich going off of board by his request
    Clubhouse improvements: $2000 budgeted
        projects - replace plexiglass windows, refrigerator, paint and finishes
        outdoor lighting fund - $647 balance - Tracy will investigate
        sound system (to include iPod/iPhone docking) - Gerry will investigate
        RJ intends to re-do roof. Expand concrete area to locate and secure gas grills.
        New carpet is under discussion (Jerry/RJ)
        Restrooms - not possible due to health department and pool proximity.
        Fire pit rejected to ash problem.
    Keith Morgan will continue to coordinate the pancake breakfast for one more year.
    East dock - (‘Douglas Yacht Club’) - deck - bistro - comfortable with their space - no tension between THYC
        and the ad-hoc group aka DYC. Julie will co-ordinate a gathering/party/get-together.
    2015 Schedule of Events: Lats & Atts party moves to Friday, July 3.
    Al Littlefair moved, Tracy seconded - motion to drop Movie on the Dock as a THYC event for 2015.
         Attendance has been falling; motion passed.

Budget report and Treasurer's Report attached.

Adjourned at 3:55p

Submitted by Harold Beer, Recording Secretary