THYC Board meeting
Feb. 18, 2017

Present: Al Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair, Alan Nelson, Sam Bowen, Gerry Allred, Ted Corlett, Steve Britton, Joe Brutsche, Carol Britton, Julie Yoder, Harold Beer

Called to order at 2:40p

Approval of minutes from Sep. 2016 board meeting: Nancy moved, Ted seconded, unanimous.

Budget report attached (Treasurer, Budget) 2 pages from Treasurer
LMYRF will not be renewed in 2017
website passwords will be membership number in 2017

membership status: 2016: 163
2017 renewals will be going out ASAP.

New business:
Volunteer t-shirts (blue) will be reordered
plain white shirts to be sold @$10 for tie-dye party in June

Joe will break-out receipts and expenses per event in 2017.

Venetian festival - Cow Hill received complaints about military theme for 2017.

Club photographer - will find a volunteer if Karen Weller won’t be available in 2017.

Clubhouse Improvements
Clubhouse roof - Alan will get a quote to replace roof from his friend Bruce.
Stereo system - two speakers either end, speakers in the center, volume and on/off, bluetooth
off-air antenna for TV was discussed, because cable TV won’t be paid by Tower.
Julie will look into Dish or DirecTV.

Adjournment: 3:33p

Respectively submitted,
Harold Beer