THYC Board Meeting
Date:  June 29, 2014
Time:  11:25

Attendance:  Gerry Allred, Sam Bowen, Al Nelson, Joe Brutsche, Ted Corlett, Julie Yoder, Alan Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair and Tracy Lindke

Commodore Gerry Allred opened the meeting.  Ted Corlett motioned to approve the Minutes from the Winter Rendezvous board meeting.  Sam Bowen seconded this motion.  Minutes approved.
Joe Brutsche gave the Treasurer’s report.  As of June 29th at 11:15 AM we have a balance of $ 11,005.47.  This takes into account proceeds and expenses as of year to date.    Ted Corlett estimates that THYC should have 140 members by the end of the year.  Back in 2000 there were only 35 members.  He also mentioned that it has helped that Tower is sending out application with monthly invoices.
Joe Brutsche is gone till July 13th, and Commodore Gerry Allred will take over the treasurer’s responsibility in his absence.  
Venetian Update:  Sam Bowen is heading this up for THYC.   Pirates are the theme.   He updated the board that 3 or 4 boats have committed to being in the Venetian Boat Parade representing THYC.  Sam also mentioned that this year we get points on Dingy Poke Race, Volunteers at Beer Tent, the Venetian Boat Parade.  Sam will have a sign-up sheet at the July 5th Pancake Breakfast.  Sam will organize members from Tower to meet prior to the Dingy Poker and all go over together.  He has also ordered Pirate Bandanas to give out to THYC Dinghy’s participants.  THYC has $ 1000 in the budget for Venetian Expenses.    It was mentioned from Julie Yoder that Tower is donating to Venetian Festival, and that THYC does not need to donate money to the festival (per Tower).

Gerry Allred had asked Tower for $ 750 for parties, plus additional money for Venetian.  Tower will give THYC $ 750 as a 1 time check, but denied Venetian money since they are donating to Venetian directly.  Gerry will talk to RJ about donating more money to THYC for our Venetian effort.  This money would be for THYC participants.
It was discussed that Tower removed the Display case at THYC.  No one knows where it is.  No more discuss was brought up about this.

It was discussed by Commodore Gerry Allred that the Felony phrase is now gone from the application.

Burgees:  Ted will get 25 burgees to Gerry to sell at THYC outings.

Pancake Breakfast:  It was suggested by Keith Morgan to add an additional Pancake Breakfast.  The additional breakfast is now scheduled for Saturday July 5th from 9 am- ?  Keith has already secured volunteers for the extra breakfast.  Julie Yoder was OK with this and it will not interfere with her Latitude & Attitudes party which is also on July 5th, but at 6 PM.    Decorating will take place during the breakfast will recruit more volunteers to work the party.

Latitude & Attitudes:  Julie Yoder is the Chair person for this party.  Julie confirmed that the budget for the Party is $ 3000.  Gerry Allred confirmed this.  Blue Star Meats added a 15 % gratuity but Julie got them to waive that.  She will be ordering 200 dinners.  Sam Bowen volunteers to pick up the keg beer (1 miller light keg and 2 Pacifico kegs).  Julie will see if Dunes View also sells boxed wine.  Otherwise Julie will pick up 5 boxes of wine.  She will also get water and some pop.  She is still looking for 4 Volunteers to take / sell tickets.  Julie stated Tower will have 10 tables and 80 chairs at THYC on Saturday by 9 AM for set up.  Al Nelson will be running a  50 / 50 raffle with the proceeds to benefit Venetian THYC boats / participants.  Tracy Lindke will make a poster regarding the 50/50.   Al Nelson will NOT be selling tickets for the Quilts at this party.
The Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.