Tower Harbour Yacht Club
Board Meeting
Saturday, June 30th, 2013, at  Clubhouse

Board Members Present: Al Littlefield, Nancy Littlefield, Chuck Perkins, Bill Grigaliunas, Jill Carle, Gerry Allred, Paul Wrbanich & Julie Yoder.

Guest - Robin Penny

Meeting came to order at 10:00 Nancy Littlefield

1. Approve minutes from last board meeting. Minutes approved by Chuck and Paul.
2. Treasurer report - not available
3. Membership status report - not available
4. Clubhouse Improvements
Gerry reported that RJ has agreed to do the upgrades to the clubhouse. Last week an electrician was out to look at the building, There will be fans added to the inside of the clubhouse and the electrical upgrades will be done by JULY 6TH for the Latitudes and Attitudes Party. RJ is covering the cost of the upgrade.
5. New Business - no one had new business to discuss
6. Special Events

    Latitude and Attitude Party - July 6th
       Party is being organized by Juli
    a. 9 a.m. decoration and setup begins. People offered to help were Ralph & Jill Carle, Nancy & Al Littlefield, Chuck & Lacie Perkins. Sign up sheet is in the main office.
    b. Need 2 people at each side of the entrance for wristbands - Jill Carle had volunteers for each side
    c. Need table setup volunteers
    d. Make sign for party ticket prices at both entrances so it is clearly visible
    e. Nancy suggested that we use the 50/50 raffle ticket sales to go to the boat decoration for the Venetian Festival boat decoration. The club has 2 boats that will be decorated this year and we are in need of funds to help with the decoration costs. Everyone present agreed this was a good idea.
    f. There will be announcements for the 50/50 raffle periodically using the microphone the band has
    g. Chuck and Lacy have the wristbands and will give them to Julie. Nancy stated they will be reimbursed for the expense with a receipt.
    Movie On The Dock - July 20th
       Event being organized by Paul
    a. Movie being shown is Madagascar 3 and will start at dusk
    b. Paul stated he now has all the technology he needs. He has purchased a 40 watt amp and has a receipt for reimbursement
    c. Jerry offered to assist with setup
    d. Barb Casey will create the flyer for the event
    e. Popcorn will be served. See Kim at the main office for the machine. Nancy stated she has tons of popcorn and bowls leftover from a former event. No need to purchase more.
    f. Water, pop and candy will be served. No beer or wine.

    Kids Crafts - July 20th from 2 to 4 p.m.
       Event being organized by Robin Penny
    a. There will be ice cream served along with the kids crafts.
    b. Flyer will state it is a kids event - parents are invited
    c. At least 2 volunteers are needed to serve ice cream
    d. Nancy has bowls from a previous event. All items needed are approved to be purchased. Just keep receipts.
    e. Robin stated she would like to do face painting for the kids. Volunteers are needed.  Nancy will send out an email for a request for volunteers.                    
    Venetian Festival -  August
       Event being organized by Chuck for our Club
    a. Club has a commitment for 2 boats to be decorated
          1st boat - Barb & Jim
          2nd boat - Jerry & Sam
    b. The board approved the use of the proceeds from the 50/50 raffle at the Latitude and Attitude Party to assist in the decoration costs for both boats
    c. The theme for the Festival this year is: Las Vegas
    d. Chuck has informed Don Karaus, the main organizer of the event - phone number 616-886-1162, that we will have 2 boats in the parade and we will be participating in the poker run.
    e. Bill Grigaliunas and Jill Carle have volunteered to give out the cards at our clubhouse for the poker run.
    f.  Beer Tent volunteers - We need 4 people in rotating shifts at the beer tent. There are always 2 people serving other drinks as well as the beer. Volunteers mentioned were - Brian, Lynn, Michael, Trixie. Nancy mentioned there is usually no problem in finding volunteers for the beer tent. No signup sheet is available yet. Contact Chuck if interested.

7.  Other Issues - none were discussed.
8.  Club House Reservations
     Nancy stated that they are going fabulously.  No problems have arisen. No need for a deposit at the time. The board agreed to revisit this issue if problems develop.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:07 a.m.