Tower Harbour Yacht Club
Board Meeting
Sunday, July 29, 2012, at  Tower Marine Clubhouse

The meeting was called to order at 10:34 AM.

Directors & Officers present:
Nancy Littlefair, Ted Corlett, Jim Tavarozzi, Al Littlefair, Lynn Weston, Julie Yoder, Susan Bunting, Gerry Allred, Alan Nelson, Toni Palsgrove

Rosemary Brooks was introduced as a board member.

Membership was estimated at 120 by Ted Corlett.

The present budget and events was discussed:
Nancy Littlefair pointed out that some events are under budget and some are over budget and the goal was to keep at least $6,000 in the bank.
Rosemary Brooks suggested a need for a Boating Education Event.
The 50/50 Raffle was discussed as to how it was raising money for clubhouse improvements.

Nancy opened a discussion on the meaning of being a board member:
Rosemary offered her experiences as commodore and what she might recommend depending on the by-laws. Nancy made a motion seconded by Julie Yoder that Rosemary generate an Email that would be sent to delinquent board members stating what is required of them as board members and determine what we as a board can do about it. The motion passed unanimously.

Chairmanship of desired committees was discussed with the following committees proposed:
Facebook (Harold Beers offered to chair this committee.)
Membership (Al Littlefair offered to chair this committee.)
50/50 Raffle (Mike Wisniewski offered to chair this committee.)
Venetian Night
Board Membership

Social events for next year was discussed along with the hosting required for those events.

Al Littlefair reported on acquiring and installing fans for the clubhouse deck and lights for the dingy dock and clubhouse deck. At present there are no estimates of costs but LED lights are being considered.

The Board adjourned at 11:23 AM.