THYC Board meeting
Sept. 16, 2017

Present: Al Littlefair, Nancy Littlefair, Denis Prisk, Sam Bowen, Gerry Allred,
             Ted Corlett, Carol Britton, Gene Gottlieb, Julie Yoder

Called to order at 12:07pm

Approval of minutes from Sep. 2016 board meeting: Ted moved, Nancy seconded, unanimous.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer not present. Estimated balance at ~ $3500

Membership Status: 2017: 158

New business:
  New Vice Commodore, Denis Prisk, introduced.
  Nancy suggested $30 baskets to be raffled. She will head this up.
  Racing Bouys have been discarded.

Clubhouse Improvements:
  Adding storage unit to back of clubhouse discussed:
      It would stabilize the clubhouse and RJ would build it.
      Denis will get blueprint design.
      Sam will get roof square footage and price it out.
  Gerry will get price for seasonal Dish-TV for next year.

Other Issues:
  Al Nelson has not paid dues. Take off board.
  Julie suggested querying the membership for those interested to be on the board.
  Al Littlefair suggested a representative from each dock.
     Carol mentioned about fees in dock fees.
     Pier party - BYOB - suggested.
     Denis suggested:
        Commodore Newsletter
        Open House for every pier.

Adjournment: 12:43pm

Respectively submitted,
Nancy Littlefair