Winter hit Friday Harbor and the San Juan islands hard this past week with a foot of snow.
Seattle has more snow this holiday season than at any time since 1861 and Canada has 
non-stop snow from Victoria, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the 1st time in 
over 30 much for global warming!

The pictures, below, were taken over the past several days here on San Juan island and, yes,
that's an American Eagle in the 1st picture; more eagles call this home than anyplace in the
United States outside of Alaska and we see several hovering overhead on a daily basis.

The snow, while absolutely commerce stopping as the county simply waits for God to melt snow
for the most part, is stunningly beautiful; however we attempted to buy chains (they refer 
to the process of putting them on as "chaining up" here for some reason that isn't
grammatically correct) but none are to be had anywhere.  Our new home sits on a hill and
suffice it to say it's not easy to make forward progress; the good news is we can, and do, 
walk into town and simply leave the car in the garage.

Happy holidays to all

Bill & Maria Wertz

475-11 Perry Place
Friday Harbor WA 98250
360-498-0594 (Bill's phone w/voicemail)
269-762-1065 (Maria's phone w/voicemail)