Help on Reciprocity with Other Yacht Clubs

Reciprocity with more than 700 other yacht clubs for our members is made possible by THYC belonging to Yachting Club of America. If you plan to use this privilege, we suggest investigate the following:

Check if the yacht club you have selected is a member of Yachting Club of America. This is done by  clicking the link below to Yachting Club of America, log in at "Members Only" using the information on the back of your membership card and then select "YCA Registered Yacht Sailing Clubs" to see if your desired yacht club is a member.
Yachting Club of America
It is best to check with your selected yacht club to see if they have any restrictions. We have heard that the Chicago Yacht Club requires that you live more than 35 miles from their club house. A number of clubs have required that you have a letter on yacht club stationary stating that you are a member in good standing. Please click here if you desire such a letter.