Mission Statement

To provide a wide variety of yachting, boating, special events, workshops & seminars which respond to the articulated needs and desires of all members of Tower Harbour Yacht Club.

This mission statement is attained by striving to meet the following goals of Tower Harbour Yacht Club:

  • Enhance the quality of boating life for all members of Tower Harbour Yacht Club through the provision of yachting, boating, special programs services and activities;
  • Maintain yacht facilities in conjunction with Safe Harbor Tower Marine to meet the present and future demands of Tower Harbour Yacht Club members;
  • Effectively administer the revenues and expenditures of the yacht club’s various budgets;
  • Effectively market the yacht club services and contribute to the economic growth of our yacht club.

This is our commitment to the members of Tower Harbour Yacht Club!

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June 2022 meeting